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I have played guitar (various styles) since around 1960, when my brother bought me a used Sears Silvertone for my birthday. I think the strings were probably 1/4" off the fretboard but, hey, girls liked guys who played guitar, so that didn't matter much.

I play mostly folk, light rock, and some spiritual music these days, writing an original now and then. I jam with a group frequently and do and open mic occasionally... that's big fun and it keeps you sharpened up.

I have a real affinity for the Martin sound, having strayed from time to time, but always come back to that special sound. Of course, I love Gibsons and certain Larrivees as well. I have a very understanding wife who tolerates my buying, selling, trading habits. Getting a new instrument inspires new songs and techniques, and I consider it an enjoyable part of the hobby.

By the way, the mandolin I am playing in my avatar is a 1923 Gibson signed by Lloyd Loar. It belonged to a friend's friend, who had no idea what she had. My buddy advised her to have it appraised. She took it to Elderly Instruments and Stan sold it for her for $135,000. Very nice instrument, all original with no wear at all.

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